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Write music, input musical notes using a wide range of different methods, create professional-quality
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20 February 2013

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Learning the art of music and perfecting it is quite a task to achieve as it needs hours upon hours of pure dedication and time. One must no falter along the path of creating melodies lest we end up losing the rhythm and flow of creation and ingenuity. Maestro Composer 5.600 is a software application that deals in music composition and creation with the help of useful tools to write and publish musical scores which will turn the tide in your favour. The application has a vast amount of options that one can make excellent use of in order for the betterment of their musical composing skills as well as satisfying their hunger for perfection.

Maestro Composer 5.600 deals in a lot of varied number of options as well as functions that let the user’s imagination run wild and have fun. It allows the user the power to create and compose whatever he wants without a worry in the world. The note entry options are highly versatile and extremely easy to follow and use. There are many visual and audio controls that can be used in whichever way the user wants to; this is because these controls are highly flexible. You can later on publish your music to different kinds of formats including the web. The software application even has an option to create educational material to impart knowledge with like class reports, music learning skills etc. Once the music is created, it can be opened via a variety of different kinds of programs without the fear of format problems. The software application is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

So jump onto the band wagon and get ready to create masterpieces for one and all to enjoy. Maestro Composer 5.600 gets a score of 4 out of 5 for the fantastic amounts of options provided and the amount of creativity the user can portray through his music.

Publisher's description

Maestro Composer is powerful music composition software, presenting you with a powerful range of tools which help you to write and publish your musical scores in minimal time. Maestro Composer provides no less than twelve methods of inputting musical notes including its exclusive Quick Input method for quickly and reliably creating musical sheets. You can also choose to input notes using a MIDI keyboard, standard computer keyboard, mouse, an on-screen keyboard or guitar fretboard and more. It supports many different formats for exporting, publishing and printing your work. Supported formats include PDF, MusicXML, TIFF, MP3, WAV, Karaoke, MIDI, PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, WMF and EMF. You can fine-tune your work by using the Playback Editor, Velocity Editor, MIDI Events Editor, Tempo Editor, Lyrics Editor, Sound Editor and various other powerful and highly versatile features. You can also switch between the score and different parts at any time you want, parts and the full score can have different customizable layouts. The wide range of flexible visual and audio controls make it easier and quicker than ever to edit and create your musical scores in less time. Every individual element of your scores can be moved around using the simple drag-and-drop interface. Uploading and embedding music scores on the Internet is also easy by using the built-in plugin, Maestro Online. The music composition software provides an intuitive and user-friendly help system to get you started. To find out more or to download a trial version, pay a visit to .
Maestro Composer
Maestro Composer
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